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Do what you love. Love what you do.

Increase your effectiveness, refine your practice, and unlock your creativity.

All that said, How can we do that – increase our effectiveness – etc.

I think of myself as a spiritual personal trainer. I listen for clues to mindfulness/awareness  snags as you talk. As you tell me what you see, what’s bothering you, what you love or fear. I point out the gaps I hear where strategies, homework and exercises can help realize your goals.

Pam provides more insight on her blog:
  • Speaking Tips Have something to say. I notice my dogs don’t say much until they need something. Then they do everything they can to get my attention.   Have an ear. Use it. Listen. You’ll know what to say next – i.e., how to respond. Not good to be thinking about what you want to say next. No. Bad. Tell the truth. Show ...
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Many years ago I was clomping around trying to change everything about my life. I’m a double Aries (sun, rising) – so I was going after everything all at once.

Trying to move, to write, change relationship status and find ethical work while seeking truth, justice and Another Way. In other words, I was trying to muscle my way to Nirvana. And I would’ve made it except – just kidding.

While looking for geographical cures I enlisted the help of a realtor. At the end of days of looking at houses she said I looked like a whipped dog. Illumination gripped me. I didn’t know a lot but I knew what a whipped dog looked like and the comparison struck a chord.

For some time I searched, still in my house – in long retreats, books, relationships, more books – then on one long retreat without books, talk or any kind of immersive relational sustenance, I experienced the “DT’s” of personal growth. I was shaken to my core, the bones of my beliefs. A pain I had had as long as I could remember in my solar plexus vanished. The world looked a few shades brighter. I didn’t worry so much about what you thought and I was more careful of what I did. It felt sudden, but I knew it had been cumulative, gradual.

I went looking for houses again. Same realtor. After days of looking she said, “You are so different. You were so angry before and you’ve changed.” She went on to tell me later that she realized she could change too. She said she felt calm around me, that I gave her hope, creating in me a dream, a desire to share my experience in the nitty nurture that it takes to raise an adult to be free in mind and spirit.

I know that my strategies work. I know from my own experience and from so many others who have given me the opportunity to assist opening their own doors, to see what’s there for them. It is an honor to be a guide of the spirit, a nurturer of the seed, a lifter of the veils we use to hide our shame and our great light.

Give me a call, let’s talk.

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